Glossary of Slang Words

Word Meaning
Al Kokha

It is a very small house in a hole dug in the ground. Its roof is level with the ground and has some holes. It is used by hunters to hide, while hunting birds of prey with their traditional methods.

Al Khlasa

A dough of ghee, flour, cumin, turmeric, salt and butter boiled and strained until the mixture of spices is separated from the ghee leaving “Al Khlasa”.

Al Lessa

A malignant tumor that develops in human bodies.

Al Aspitar

It is derived from the English word (Hospital) and is pronounced Al Aspital.

Al Ba’o

Seashells existing in large numbers on beaches.

Al Borma

A small jar or pot made of clay or stone and used for holding water or cooking food. It is a classical Arabic word.

Al Bedhwar

It is a small bird of prey called Al Sherias in some areas.

Al Bohouth

A group of wells called Al Bohouth (Searches), because people look for water until they find it underground.

Al Badha

A type of fish.

Al Barajeel

Its singular is barjeel, originally Persian (badkir), which is a wind tower built at the top of the house and made of bricks, clay, sarooj, sail fabric or jute (hessian). The tower has four openings on the top pointing toward the inside of the house, allowing air in from all directions. The air hits the walls of the barjeel from the inside and flows down into the house to cool it. The tower may be made of palm fronds and zinc plates in barasti and old houses.

Al Beydar

The farmer and its plural is beyadeer.

Al Bays

The first main wooden plate laid down on the ground to build a boat. It is the boat bottom.

Al Titen

Tobacco and it is a foreign word.

Al Taharteem

Complaining or muttering.

Al Tifr

The stern of a boat.

Al Jerba

It is “Al Qirba” (water canteen) in standard Arabic and used to carry water. It is usually made of goatskin or of strong flax threads spun carefully in order to make it waterproof.

Al Jerf

The Hull.

Al Jandal/ Al Khandal

A kind of strong trunks that were imported from Africa and used in building the roof of stores and warehouses after being covered with palm fronds or mats. They are used for ships masts.

Al Hiwi

The house yard.

Al Has


Al Hashaf

Inedible rotten dates. It is a standard Arabic word. The Arabic proverb “Rotten dates in addition to short weight” is said of a person who combines two unpleasant qualities. Al hashaf is the date of the most inferior quality.

Al Hisr

It is the plural of “Haseer”, which means a mat made of palm fronds. It is a standard Arabic word.

Al Hamo/ Al Hamowa

Sweltering heat or blazing sunlight.

AL Khars

A big tall clay jar used to hold and cool water or to store dates. It is a standard Arabic word that means Al ddan (Jug)

Al Khesm

The corner or the wall end.

Al Khen

A name for “Al Jem fish” or the catfish.

Al Khen

It is the ship’s hold and everything under the deck. Al Khen also means the empty ship, while Al Khon in standard Arabic means the hens’ house or pen.

Al Khamari

One of the ship’s ropes tied to the large and small sails.

Al Khareeja

It meant the well in the past and saline or brackish water.

Al Dafra

A long big multipurpose metal needle usually used in building and sewing tents and the ships sails or anything made of the palm fronds such as Arish (barasti).

Al Da’ali


Al Dikhn (Millet)

It is an herbaceous plant with small round and smooth seeds that used to be eaten in the past. It is a standard Arabic word “Al Dokhn” (Millet) the seeds of which are small and smooth like sesame.

Al Dirfana/ Al Meriyhana


Al Do’on

Its singular is Da’an in standard Arabic. It is a bundle of palm branches, the fronds of which are removed or left. Then they are lined up and sold in the market. It is used in building old houses known as Arish (Barasti).

Al Deyean

A bag spun from thick threads. The diver hangs it around his neck and puts in it the shells he collects.

Al Rasagh

A rope tied to the camel leg and fixed to the ground, Ghaf Tree (Prosopis Cineraria) or to a heavy bag to train and tame the camel and to prevent it from escaping. The standard Arabic word is “Al Rasagh”.

Al Rigla

Vibrating or shaking.

Al Remma

A very harmful small insect attacking wood and its derivative products such as paper.

Al Rayla

Arish (Barasti) wooden poles.