Educational Kit (Watani Al Emarat)

It is a learning method adopted by the National Archives to apprise today's generations of the glories of their ancestors. To this end, the NA makes available to them a complete educational kit that is smartly and innovatively designed to provide knowledge through direct interaction and communication; promoting learning through play. This is to ensure that children are responding to and interacting with historical and patriotic information, which presents glorious pages of our history, a panorama of our past and commendable deeds of our national iconic figures.

Objectives of the Educational Kit:

Provide students with the opportunity to comprehend luminous pages of the UAE history as well as its national figures, historical landmarks and geographical boundaries in a well thought-out and innovative way involving writing, drawing and coloring, by using modern digital electronic means.
• Train students to take care of national historical documents, and educate them about the importance of restoring documents and preserving their content.
• Highlight the importance of genealogy to the young generations of students, teach them how to create a family tree and train them on drawing the family tree of Bani Yas and Al Bu Falah alliance.
•    Emphasize to students the importance of documenting some personal attitudes related to daily life, national values and traditions, through relevant photos and information, which can be referred to whenever needed. This can be done by practical training on putting virtual photos in their proper places.
•    Promote historical knowledge about the efforts and great roles of the founding fathers in building the UAE, in addition to highlighting important aspects of ancient historical knowledge and sciences in the form of innovative and exciting games.

Educational Kit Activities:

•    The smart application (Apple Store): including various educational apps, which are smartly made accessible to students, to enable them to easily download and use such apps.
•    The Illustrated Educational Booklet for children in Arabic and English. It aims at training children, by using appropriate expressive ideas and innovative and interesting methods.
•    Educational Cartoon Characters: (Hamad, Hessa, grandfather, grandmother) who will accompany children on exciting national educational trips and adventures, instilling patriotic values and information in young people.

Target Population:

• Children from 6- 12 years.

Note: You can download the app (Watani Al Emarat) to your iPads free of charge for you and your children.