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Based on the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan the UAE President, on marking 2016 as the year of reading, the National Archives launches its (Reading Nation) Project to ensure its contribution in building a cultured generation who is proud of his identity and deep-rooted history. The National Archives will organize reading classes and workshops for the students from the schools of the first and second groups in which they will be given concise booklets of some of the NA publications (outside classes). These booklets contain summaries from the most important publications of the National Archives, they are: Qasr al Hosn, Zayed from Challenges to Union and Khalifa: A Journey into the Future. This activity includes awareness entertainment programs on reading and its importance, distribution of free booklets and stories to read and lectures and workshops for their parents and staff about the importance of reading. Through this project, NA promotes its publications and Emirates Library.

Project Objectives:

• To acquaint students with their deep-rooted history and to strengthen their national identity through reading of an assorted collections of the National Archives.
• To acquaint the educational sector with National Archives’ publications and its most important facilities that assist researchers and the educational process (Emirates Library).
• To contribute in the establishment of a community with a culture of utilization of time in reading and to educate the parents of the importance of instilling in their children the pleasure of reading.

Activities of Project:

• Organization of various reading workshops and contests.
• Visits to Emirates Library in the National Archives to contribute in the realization of the National Archives’ vision and mission in strengthening the concepts of allegiance and belonging to the homeland through various readings in the deep-rooted UAE history.

Target Population:

School students between 6 to 18 years.