Cultural Season:


This project aims at preparing and delivering national educational lectures and undertaking visits and students competitions that enhance the national identity and deepen the sense of loyalty and belonging to the homeland among various students across the UAE schools. This is in addition to plays and nationwide events in collaboration with the UAE educational and cultural sector.

Objectives of the Cultural Season project:

•    The project is a way of communication and partnership with the UAE educational zones and councils. It aims at carrying out projects that enhance the national identity, deepen the sense of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and present a distinctive brand image of the NA in the field of education.
•    It helps activate the NA’s various projects and programs such as lectures and workshops.
•    It helps intensify the NA’s promotional efforts in the educational field and uses modern marketing techniques that throw light on the NA social responsibility.
•    It plays a key role in enhancing the sense of nationalism and community among young generations in order to instill the concept of patriotism in them, deepen the spirit of good citizenship and strengthen its values.

Activities of the Cultural Season Project:

The project can be implemented in different ways:
•    A variety of educational lectures delivered inside and outside the NA on the national identity, the sense of belonging and loyalty to the homeland.
•    Technical educational workshops and various manual skills, which emphasize and enhance the national identity and draw on the NA’s holdings, including documents, information and archival materials.
•    Reading nation building books and NA’s publications on various national occasions and events.
•    Educational contests and prizes.

Lectures Titles:

•    The UAE Federation Structure.
•    The Three (Occupied) Islands: A Well-Established Emirati Right
•    Storytelling Readings.
•    National Artistic Workshops.
•    Belonging, Loyalty and Identity: Key National Values.
•    Scientific Research Methodology.
•    Zayed, a Unifier and Leader.
•    Zayed, the Father and Leader.
•    Khalifa bin Zayed, a Real Chip off the Old Block.
•    The UAE Union.
•    The Story of a Flag.

Target group:

•    Students aged 9 to 12 years.
•    Students of colleges and universities.
•    Teachers and administrators working in the education sector.
•    Schools parents councils.