KidZania World:

Given the National Archives’ belief in its role in the national education and in people who are the ultimate goal of development, it has decided to have a stand in the global kids’ games area "KidZania",  in order to be the worldwide pioneer in using practical and attractive tools in teaching kids the principles of documentation, restoration and archiving. Through a well-thought-out orientation program designed for children, the National Archives introduces its activities, duties and aspects of the history and heritage of the UAE in particular and the Gulf region in general, to millions of children who visit KidZania in order to enhance their sense of national identity.

The National Archives’ participation in “KidZania” is designed to reach out to the largest possible number children for the purpose of instilling in them noble values and achieving the following:
•    Leadership: to be the first archives in the world to have a section in “KidZania”.
•    Innovation: to create a real and long lasting interactive experience for children.
•    Increased exposure: to make use of increased popularity of"KidZania” among children to promote the National Archives.
•    Diversity: a wide range of beneficiaries and attractive learning methods.
•    Awareness:  to educate children and their parents about the National Archives’ tasks and activities.
•    Enhancing national identity: by educating children worldwide about the UAE’s history and major achievements and promoting civic spirit among them.
•    Enriching the national curriculums: by participating in supporting and preparing the national educational curriculums.
•    Community partnership: to activate the role of the community and create community partnerships with organizations and institutions represented in “KidZania”.

Objectives of “KidZania World” Project:

•    Acquire real life skills, learn about the jobs and professions and explore children potential and the skills they may develop by a combination of reality and entertainment.
•    Prepare children to understand and cope with their world, eradicate financial illiteracy and foster the earning and saving concepts.
•    Acquire social skills such as mutual cooperation, teamwork, self-esteem and independence and develop decision-making and participation skills.
•    Instill in children social concepts and values.

Activities of “KidZania World” Project:

•    Archiving function: arrange and classify scattered papers, then scan and save them in designated archiving software.
•    Restoration function: restore damaged documents, either manually using basic tools that are safe for children or electronically by means of restoration and printing software.
•    Oral history: record history by conducting face-to-face interviews or listening to an audio recording used for training and answering questions relevant to the audio recording.
•    Accompanying educational games and activities: 
o    Genealogy: create a family tree for the child or one of his/her friends.
o    A photo and a figure: insert the child’s photo in an archival photo so that he/she can be a witness to the relevant event.
o    The children’s library and photo gallery: set up a stand for appropriate books related to the National Archives’ tasks as well as a continuously updated photo gallery.

Target group:

Children aged 4 to 16 years.