My Archive My Future:

my archives-my future

In order to promote the culture of archiving, documentation and preservation of personal possessions among young people at different academic levels, the National Archives launched a nationwide campaign entitled “My Archive My Future". The campaign aims at introducing students to the methods of archiving and documentation of personal credentials in a systemic and modern manner that will enable students to preserve their official and personal possessions using safer and easier modern methods.

Objectives of “My Archive My Future” Project:

  • To promote awareness among students of the value of Emirati identity, documents and heritage as well as the value of pictures and valuable items that are part of the history of the UAE and its culture. 
  • To motivate students to value a sense of national and social responsibility and to ensure that these values are transferred to future generations. 
  • To promote student awareness of the importance of documents that are not simply pieces of paper but which can be proud fingerprints belonging to the UAE. 
  • To educate students from early childhood of the importance of properly archiving their own certificates for future jobs and the need to save them from damage and loss for when they are needed. 
  • To promote to students that they are the link between the National Archives and their family and the need for them to be an effective catalyst to ensure their family’s history is kept alive.

Activities of "My Archive My Future" Project:

•    Organizing "My Archive My Future" Campaign: to promote the culture of preserving personal archives, including various aspects and photographs of the student’s life, such as academic certificates and reports, important newsletters and press releases, identification papers and health cards.
•     Organizing the "Educational Archive" Competition: to encourage students to participate in interactive competitions, which will ensure their continuous participation in transferring archival knowledge in the educational sector. Awards will be conferred in the following categories:
-    The best personal archive award.
-    The best school archive award.
-    The best archival material award.

Target group:

School and university students in the UAE.