The Student Historians’ Club


The project aims at deliberately creating similarities between public benefit clubs and societies operating in this area.  The word "student" was added to identify the targeted population, which the Educational Programs Section focuses on. The Student Historians’ Club seeks to educate young students about the National Archives’ mission and objectives and getting them involved in various activities and endeavors, as they are the main driver of student activities. This is in addition to utilizing and harnessing their capabilities by acting as liaison for the National Archives (NA) and as ambassadors to coordinate NA and schools events under the supervision and guidance of the UAE educational sectors.
The Student Historians’ Club manages, plans and evaluates activities and programs, which are intended to gear students’ efforts of both genders towards careful and guided voluntary programs. These programs contribute to the development of society on one hand and to the development of the student personality and strengthen national values and principles on the other hand.

Objectives of the “Student Historians’ Club” Project :

•    Establish a students’ club for young historians to educate students about the NA mission and objectives.
•    Involve students in various activities and endeavors, as they are the main driver of student activities.
•    Arrange competitions and encourage proactive attitude and innovation among students in UAE schools.

Activities of the “Student Historians’ Club”:

The Student Historians’ Club carry out numerous activities in various fields. An educational institution must specify the aspects of its participation in such activities, which includes the following:
•    Cultural activities:  aim at familiarizing the education sector with the NA strategic objectives by organizing festivals, lectures, various cultural and social symposiums, producing research papers and building up different archival holdings including “written and recorded historical and archival material”.
•    National activities: aim at enhancing and strengthening national identity among the young generation.
•    Artistic activities: represented in fine arts, photography, music, handicrafts and folk arts, the production and creativity of which are derived from and inspired by the historical legacy of the UAE and the National Archives.
•    Social activities: focus on community issues, development, and interaction with them.
•    Recreational activities: trips, visits and cultural evenings.
•    Literary activities: centered around poetry, novels, stories, plays, translation, etc.
•    School competitions: include the following categories:
-    The best model of Qasr Al Hosn: It will be used to tell the story of Qasr Al Hosn as part of the storytelling readings provided for students by the Educational Programs Section.
-    The best project illustrating archiving methods and mechanisms presented by NA to government agencies. The project may be an illustrated manual or a video presentation.
-    The best oral history interview conducted with old people and presented in an innovative manner.
-    The best audio-visual historical magazine highlighting the UAE’s history.

Target group:

School students of both genders aged 15 to 18 years.