Educational Games

The National Archives Educational Games aims by introducing a set of innovative educational games to enhance national identity principles among the public of different age groups and educate them about their beloved homeland and its achievements in a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere based on playing to learn strategy, which includes:

• The Educational Kit (Watani Al Emarat):

which is a smart App Store application including educational games, in addition to cartoon characters (namely: Hamad, Hessa and the grandfather) who interact with children in an educational yet entertaining and fun-loaded atmosphere. There is also a picture book that contains cutting, pasting and coloring exercises.

• The March Game:

is a group board game, similar to that of the "Monopoly", but which introduces players to the founding father Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan's biography based derived from the NA’s publications. This game is similar to that of.

• The "Treasure Hunt" Game:

is about the important historical documents and treasures at the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Hall, it attracts visitors to search for the treasures with the help of a map that takes them in an excursion among the exhibited documents, manuscripts and correspondences showcased at the hall.

• Artistic Workshops:

an educational picture book for Cycle 1 students containing a number of paintings, which design is based on expressive archival photographs that highlight significant features, stages of the UAE history.


•    To providing document-supported reliable and accurate information about the history and achievements of the UAE.
•    To patriotism and acquaintance with the glorious history of the homeland.
•    To build awareness about community service and effective voluntary work.
•    To support initiatives via good behavior, moral values and communication between fathers and forefathers.
•    To apply the concepts and principles of identity to reinforce good citizenship among generations.
Targeted Audience: All student from glass 3-12