The National Archives Launches a web page for The Young Historian Award 2017

The National Archives Launches a web page for  The Young Historian Award 2017

The National Archives Launches a web page for
The Young Historian Award 2017

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates launched on its website a special page for the “Young Historian Award”. The award is sponsored by the NA in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and is specially designed for school students from the 6th to 12th grades, in order to enhance the sense of belonging, loyalty and national identity, and to encourage research and studies in the UAE history. It is designed to make students partners in the protection of the UAE heritage and making it accessible to the generations to come. The award is given to winners in the following categories: Oral History, Geographic History, Economic History and Social History.
The web page includes: The objectives of the award and its prizes as well as a summary about the targeted educational stages. The guide reviews the award’s objectives and themes which include the study of genealogy, tribes,  personalities, oral narrations, poems, folklore, proverbs, memoirs, correspondence, photos and old collectibles, professions, handcrafts and markets, historical and archeological sites, traditional architecture, marine life, pearling, fishing, traditional medicine and research papers on Sheikh Zayed Centenary (1918-2018). It also provides information about the martyrs of the nation and materials pertaining to them in the social circles, lessons in moral education, in addition to highlighting Emirati personalities known for their wisdom.
The guide also includes some details about the award categories, documenting the steps of implementing the award program, implementation mechanisms, terms for accepting research papers and oral history interviews. The award’s guide also reviews the requirements for research papers participating in the award, the award’s criteria, and prizes of the first three winners. The guide pays special attention to the award program from its launching date; since November 17, 2016, the assessment of research papers presented in the last two weeks of next April, and the final ceremony honoring the winners in mid-May 2017.
The guide has also a form of acknowledgement to confirm that the research paper is not paraphrasing other works or plagiarized, and that it is being presented to this competition for the first time. The acknowledgement shall contain the names of the participating students, the name of the supervisor, and the name of the school, as well as a participation application for each participating category in the new session of the Young Historian Award 2016- 2017.
It is noteworthy that the National Archives urges all students to participate in the award (Young Historian); to become partners in documenting the memory of the homeland in the valuable books and references which the National Archives will issue, and which will include the winning research papers, similar to books from previous sessions which contain valuable refereed research papers about the UAE, the character of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The most notable of these books are (Zayed and Development), (Zayed and Environment), (Zayed and Education), (Zayed and Women) and (The UAE Islands and the Stolen Emirati Right .. From a Historical Perspective), bearing in mind that the date for the students to hand the participating works will be the end of March 2017.