The National Archives honors the creative and distinguished students in the Historians’ Club

The National Archives honors the creative and distinguished students in the Historians’ Club

The National Archives honors the creative and distinguished students in the Historians’ Club.

Awarding more than 500 creative figures  and entities participating in the 4th edition

The National Archives honored the prize winners of the 4th edition of the Students' Historians’ Club competition which targets grades 8 to 11 public and private school students in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. 

The Student Historians’ Club competition is adopted and sponsored by the NA in collaboration with its strategic partner, The Abu Dhabi Education Council. The competition comes in line with the NA’s endeavors to direct students’ potentials towards considered and addressed National and historical programs that contribute in developing the society, shaping and enhancing students’ characters, and instilling moral values and noble principles.

The NA meant to link the events of the 4th edition of the competition to national values emphasized by our wise leadership. This edition, in some of its topics, responded to the initiative of supporting the curricula by a moral education subject. However, its other topics were in line with the “2017 The Year of Giving” initiative. It also paid interest to the nation’s martyrs who sacrificed themselves to protect their homeland and accordingly became the best role-model for future generations. Furthermore, it also paid special interest to some of the beloved homeland’s landmarks and its ancient historical heritage.

At the onset of the ceremony, H.E. Majid Al Mehairi, the NA’s CEO, delivered a speech welcoming all participants and attendees and congratulating the winners. He pointed out that the participating projects constitute a source of happiness and pride, and reflect the students' creative potentials. He highly appreciated the Student Historian’s Club's national, community, cultural, artistic and literary year round activities, especially the impressive activities characterized by their humanitarian aspect that touches the hearts like the voluntary services, and visits to martyrs’ families and the injured Armed Forces heroic soldiers as well as their keen interest to plant the martyr tree in schools.

Al Mehairi added that the NA’s interest in directing the energy of preparatory and secondary school students towards national programs contributes to instilling good citizenship principles in them, enhancing their sense of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and its wise leadership and establishing their national identity, through which the NA follows the wise leadership’s march, aspirations, and ambitions to build the human being on whom it focuses its interest, especially the youth whom we all agree are the wealth of the nation and the security for its future. 

H.E. the Executive Director thanked ADEC, the strategic partner in this renewed progress and success achieved by the Student Historians’ Club.

The Student Historians’ Club with its activities and events is a pioneering national project adopted and sponsored by the NA, and through which it managed to attract the attention of students at a very critical age to national causes and instill in them the founding fathers' values and the wise leadership's initiatives, with its moral qualities that contribute to the students national education for future generations. Definitely, the objectives the NA aims to achieve through this project, started to materialize in fact through the demonstrated creativity of students and their supervisors in this club's competition which only constitutes a small part of the club’s contributions and its national values instilled in the member students who were distinguished by their national and community activities.

The 4th edition of the historians’ club competition included a number of categories, first of which was the best historical model. Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai was selected due to its being the oldest building in Dubai, the second was the best oral history narrated story selected by students. The third was the best historical magazine and it was about the nation’s devoted martyrs. Finally, the fourth category was the best presentation in the framework of the supreme initiative aimed at supporting the school curricula through “Moral Education”.

The Student Historians’ Club competition has approved 93 projects from 49 schools. During the honoring ceremony of the 4th edition of the competition, more than 500 participating creative figures and entities were awarded. The categories included the winning students of the first, second and third ranks, the coordinators who were the supervising teachers, the winning schools of the first, second and third ranks and parents since a student cannot succeed and excel apart from his/her family.

In accordance with the directives of H.H. President of the UAE on designating the year 2017 as the year of giving, the recent edition of the historians’ club has honored prominent figures in the field of community, national and voluntary activities, which reflect the concepts and aspects of good citizenship and reinforce national values that enhance the sense of loyalty and belonging to the nation. These activities kept historians’ club active and busy all year round. The NA granted appreciation certificates to participants of this year’s  competition.

The works submitted by the participants proved their loyalty and belonging to the nation, their pride of its identity, history and heritage, their keenness on preserving its values and culture, and their pride of the glories and great legacy of the founding leaders. This, in fact, made the content of the students’ national works consistent with the UAE Vision for 2021 and in line with Abu Dhabi Vision for 2030. They also reflect the outstanding educational system, high quality educational services delivered to UAE schools, and students’ belief in the national, behavioral, knowledge and community values, which characterized their participations in the club competition and the rest of its activities with a special touch that brought them close to the hearts of the society members of different segments.

It is worth mentioning that the fourth edition of the Students' Historians’ Club has listed the winning schools that achieved the first rank in each category as follows: As for public schools, Al Maha Girls School was the winner of the best model of “Al Fahidi Fort” while Al Foah Elementary School won an award for the best historical magazine entitled “The Nation’s Martyrs”. Omama Bint Al Harith Secondary School was the winner for the best presentation on the initiative of supporting curricula by “Moral Education”. Qatr Al Nada Secondary School won the best oral history narrated story, which tackled different aspects of life in the UAE in the past.

As for private schools, ADNOC Schools for boys was awarded the first rank for the best model of “Al Fahidi Fort”, and ADNOC Schools for girls attained the first rank for the best historical magazine entitled “The Nation’s Martyrs”. Al Ittihad Girls School in Al Ain won the first rank for the best presentation on “Moral Education”, while Al-Ittihad Girls School in Abu Dhabi reached the first rank of the best “Oral History” narrated story on the life of the founding leader, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his charitable initiatives that came concurrently with 2017 initiative for The Year of Giving.

Ideal and model families were also among the prize categories as their efforts were apparently reflected through the excellence of their sons and daughters. In accordance with “2017 The Year of Giving” initiative, schools that excelled in community causes and voluntary activities were also awarded. These schools were Emirates National School for girls (Al Nahyan Campus in Abu Dhabi), United, and Al Baya elementary and secondary Schools, and Al Jahili Secondary School.

The heads of both the hosting and organizing committees from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain And Dhafra branches were also honored at the NA and ADEC.

The NA has appreciated the efforts of all students who participated this year in the Students' Historians’ Club competition. Mr. Farhan Al Marzooqi, Director of the NA Corporate and Community Outreach Department, granted appreciation certificates to all participants. 

Two distinctive projects were presented in detail to the attendees and participants. The first on Al Ittihad School in Al Ain's moral education initiative, while the second relating to the oral history field entitled “The UAE Giving Approach” presented by Al Ittihad National Private School.

Participants from schools administrations, parents and students have all appreciated the role of the NA, as a main and essential partner, in the national education of all generations.