The National Archives Celebrates the International Archives Day

The National Archives Celebrates the International Archives Day

The National Archives organized a celebration on International Archives Day. HE Dr. Abdulla El Reyes, Director General of the NA, praised the interest and the follow up the NA receives from HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the National Archives. HE attributed NA’s success to the great support His Highness offers adding that his directives will promote the National Archives to global recognition.

The ceremony was held on June 9th , which coincides with International Archives Day, and it began with HE Dr. Abdulla El Reyes giving a speech reviewing the history of the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates which was founded upon the directives of the late Sheikh Zayed in 1968. His Excellency thanked the pioneers who led the way and he paid tribute to HE Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi crediting him for enriching the NA with important documents pertaining to UAE history. He gave details about each phase this great national edifice went through, up to it being declared the memory of the nation that is accessible to decision makers, researchers, students and the public. He stated that ambitious empowerment requires hard work, courage to take initiative and make decisions as well as qualifying employees and developing their efficiency. Furthermore, HE expressed his satisfaction with what the National Archives has achieved in various fields, particularly in the field of arrangement of governmental archives. The Director General of the National Archives drew attention to the importance of cooperation and positive energy to whoever seeks to work and excel. Moreover, he touched on the modern technologies with which the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates surpasses similar institutions of the advanced world, and he highlighted the outstanding projects that the National Archives plans to achieve in order to set off to international recognition. HE thanked the employees praising their efforts, which he deemed the core of the National Archives and the foundation for its success, development and constant change for the better.

Dr. Ian Wilson, the technical advisor for the NA, gave a word about the roles of national archives worldwide saying that they are irreplaceable since they preserve documents and history, thus becoming the eternal memory of nations. National archives seek to preserve and register historical documents without any changes. He added that archives are essential in communicating through time since oral history and historical documents maintain all the predecessors’ achievements. Preserving and protecting records against damage during big disasters is one of the most important responsibilities and challenges; documents are valuable in indicating the borders of the state as well as its relations, its great national achievements, its methods of decision-making and the management and development of different areas of life. Consequently, all is made available to scientific research and studies.

Dr. Wilson referred to archival prospects and to the challenges archivists face such as the identifying the records to be preserved, the digitizing of documents, enhancing of experiences and knowing data retention methods; he emphasized that national archives’ records are the authentic source of information.

As part of the celebration of this occasion at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the National Archives of the UAE held an exhibition of historical photographs that document aspects of the life of the founding leader the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace.