National Archives Celebrates Heritage Day with UAE University

National Archives Celebrates Heritage Day with UAE University

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates participated in Heritage Day activities organized by the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the UAE University in Al Ain by giving two lectures. The first was about oral history and its importance in documenting the memory of the Nation, and the second was about heritage and its role in the promotion of national identity.

Moreover, the National Archives organized an exhibition of historical photos, which represent Emirati heritage.

Today’s lecture is “Heritage and Its Role in Promoting National Identity”, which addresses the importance of heritage, it being a key element in reviving the Nation’s history, strengthening its national identity and reasserting its cultural components including the features which make a nation stand out.

As heritage is the fathers’ material and spiritual legacy to the children, the UAE has put it within its national priorities, for its link to the values, traditions and customs of the ancestors, in addition to the elements of strength to combat external influences caused by the winds of globalization and cultural and intellectual invasion.

The exhibition, organized by the National Archives, had witnessed a remarkable turnout, and its exhibits have taken the visitors back to the heritage itself and its timeless imprints, some customs and traditions, some traditional sports, which children have inherited from their parents despite the unique massive progress, development and prosperity the UAE has achieved.

It is noteworthy that the National Archives participated in these events yesterday with a lecture entitled “Oral History: the Memory of the Nation”. The lecture started by defining the role of the National Archives and its keenness to preserve the history and heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region. Then it dealt with the concept of oral history in general and specifically at the National Archives, as well as how it relies on the oral narratives documented by video and audio. The lecture explained the commencement of the Oral History Project and the agreement reached with the University of California, Berkeley, located in the United States, and the methods the Oral History and Genealogical Studies Section uses to reach the elderly narrators, as well as the interest of the National Archives to publish oral history interviews through Twitter; "Royaa", the National Archives’ electronic bulletin; Liwa, the biannual refereed journal issued by the National Archives and others, in addition to the challenges the project faces, such as working hard to seize the opportunities and the ways to overcome them.