The National Archives Celebrates the Commemoration Day And the 44th National Day

The National Archives Celebrates the Commemoration Day  And the 44th National Day

The National Archives Celebrates the Commemoration Day
And the 44th National Day

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates celebrated the 44th National Day at the Memory of the Nation Exhibition in Zayed Heritage Festival 2015. The ceremony included several events such as contests relating to the nation’s culture, history and heritage. There were also poems on the love of the homeland and praise of its glory.
On this occasion, H.E. Dr. Abdulla Alreyes, Director General of the National Archives spoke about the significance of the Union to the people of the UAE as it took the credit of the progress and prosperity the UAE enjoys today. H.E. said that the memory of the Union increases our appreciation and respect of our founding fathers and of the symbol of our Union, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and pointed out that great men do great deeds. H.E. stressed that the UAE was able to match the major countries’ achievements and advancement, thanks to the wise leadership Allah has granted us. H.E. urged all the staff at the National Archives to work hard with dedication, creativity and excellence. HE deemed each one of the staff - by virtue of his/her duty - responsible for collecting and preserving the memory of the nation.
About the Commemoration’s Day, H.E. said: “our brave martyrs who gave their lives for the homeland will continue to be lights that show us the paths of freedom and the unlimited giving to elevate and progress our nation”. H.E revealed that the Guardians of the Nation Hall commemorates the UAE martyrs as it displays the biography and the heroic deeds of each martyr.
H.E. Dr. Alreyes said: “this year’s celebration was held at the Memory of the Nation pavilion because the holdings of the Memory of the Nation tell the story of the Union since the wills of the founding fathers came together in December 1971 and their blessed efforts yielded the achievements we witness in the different parts of the UAE at the present”. On behalf of National Archives H.E renewed the pledge of loyalty to the homeland and its great leaders.
Afterwards, all participants in the National Archives ceremony headed to the flagpole at the center of the Zayed Heritage Festival location and they stood for a moment of silent praying for the Martyrs of the nation. Then, H.E Director of the National Archives hoisted the flag. 
The ceremony included several contests that brought to minds some features of the UAE past and present. Additionally, some poets recited their well-versed poems that praise the achievements of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and his brothers who established the Union. Poems also praised the wise leadership and its generosity to the people and the nation.