The National Archives launches the project of the Martyrs Archive

The National Archives launches the project of the  Martyrs Archive

Upon the directives of Mansour Bin Zayed
The National Archives launches the project of the
Martyrs Archive
Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the National Archives, the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates announced the launch of the project to establish the “Martyrs Archives” in honor of those who were martyred in defense of the homeland.
The project aims to create a documentary historical record for each martyr. It will include his/her biography, his practical and scientific record, and a collection of all information about them to be kept in the National Archives. Then, a museum will be established to commemorate their memory and heroism.

His Excellency Dr. Abdulla Mohammed El Reyes, Director General of the National Archives confirmed that the directives of HH the Chairman’s have been put into effect immediately, and necessary coordination with the armed forces and the concerned authorities will be taken to collect and document all matters relating to the martyrs’ biographies, achievements and the most important stages of their lives. H.E. said that the National Archives would communicate with the families of the martyrs in this respect as a tribute to those who gave their lives to promote the right cause and raise the status of the nation and its flag high in all arenas.
H.E. said that the martyrs’ rights far outweighs any compensation, as they are national symbols, who sacrificed their lives for the homeland and in defending its right cause. Thus, we ought to save their achievements in the record of the memory of the nation for the coming generations who will take pride in martyrs’ great sacrifices for they answered the call of the nation and its leadership. They paved the way to victory, which our wise leadership determined to achieve in order to defend  the dignity of the nation, preserve the security and stability of the region that are threatened by the dangers of terrorism, restore legitimacy to Yemen, support our brothers and free them from the oppressive elements that have wreaked havoc and destruction in Yemen.
H.E. pointed out that the National Archives documents the memory of the nation in accordance with the highest standards of research, conservation and accessibility. H.E. said that the National Archives had documented the biography of the first UAE martyr: Salem Suhail Bin Khamis who passed away in November 1971 while defending his homeland sovereignty of in the occupied island of Greater Tunb.
H.E. added that the National Archives documented the biography of martyr Salem Suhail in a book it has recently issued after meeting those who had lived with him on the island, especially in the last hours before his death.
El Reyes said: As the memory of the UAE could not be forgotten for it is preserved in our hearts and in our archives, we must remember martyrs Saif Saeed Ghobash, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, 1977, and Ambassador Khalifa Al Mubarak, the UAE Ambassador to France, 1984. They were assassinated by the treacherous hands, thus our nation lost two good citizens, but our only comfort is that they died as martyrs.
El Reyes pointed out that the length of the list of martyrs reflects the benevolence of the UAE, which has never hesitated to perform its duty towards its brotherly countries with the aim of upholding the right cause. It sacrifices the best of her youth ,motivated by its humanitarian, fraternal and Arab duty. The last patch of martyrs comes to decorate the records of honor, and their biographies will be documented and collected and made available to present and future generations in the “Martyr Archive.”
About the procedures and stages of establishing the Martyr Archive, His Excellency said that the National Archives would utilize all its available technical and human resources in order to expedite the collection of information about the martyrs’ biographies. This will be achieved by meeting their families, loved ones and friends and by coordinating with their places of work and study and other sources of information that document the most important stages of the martyr life.
The Director General of the National Archives stressed that the Martyr Archive is not only documented diary or information, or an exhibition, but it is a national memory that promotes the UAE identity, emphasizes the spirit of the one family, and reinforces the love of sacrificing for the homeland and obeying the rulers.  The “Martyr Archive” will be included in the Civics curriculum for schools and the teaching staff. At the same time, it will serve as an important commemoration of the biographies of our men that sacrificed their lives for the UAE values and principles. It also honors them and their families and immortalizes their heroism in the memory of the nation.
El Reyes said that the National Archives began forming the working groups, which will look at the available documents and tour the UAE to document the martyrs’ biographies, and they will communicate with the armed forces and the concerned authorities to collect the largest possible amounts of information and documents, such as photographs, academic certificates and biographies. The first part of the Martyr Archive is expected to be displayed on November 30, during the UAE’s celebrations of the Martyr Day.