The National Archives Receives Academic Delegation from Sultan Qaboos University

The National Archives Receives Academic Delegation from Sultan Qaboos University

Aiming to reinforce collaboration in scientific research and exchanging experiences
The National Archives Receives Academic Delegation from Sultan Qaboos University

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates received a senior academic delegation from Sultan Qaboos University from the Sultanate of Oman to discuss cooperation prospects between the Department of Information Studies and the National Archives aiming at promoting knowledge exchange and building bridges of effective mutual communication.

The visiting delegation met Dr. Aisha Bilkhair, Director of the Research and Knowledge Services Department. She welcomed them and informed them about National Archives’ history, as well as its vision, mission, and objectives.
She elaborated on the functions of the departments, especially the Research Department, as its strategic objectives aim to monitor, document, and register the distinctive historical and societal characteristics of the Emirates society in books issued by the National Archives. She stressed the importance of academic research that is the product of cooperation between academic institutions and archives containing rare books, references, and reliable sources.
She also explained the Oral History Project and pointed out that the National Archives is honored to be nominated as the first representative of the Arab and Asian countries in the International Oral History Association. The multimedia repository keeps over one thousand oral history interviews conducted with figures that had a significant imprint in history before the establishment of the Union and during its early stages thereafter. The Oral History and Genealogy Studies Section set its priorities to act on filling gaps in the written history with the oral history interviews, which include important features in various aspects of life in ancient Emirates.
The Director of the Research and Knowledge Services Department also introduced the specialized Emirates Library and its role in supplying researchers and students of academic studies with necessary rare sources and references. She showed how the National Archives is keen on supplying the library with more books through its participation in major international book fairs, such as those held in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Muscat, and neighboring countries.

The head of the Omani delegation, Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser Al Saqri, Head of the Department of Information Studies at Sultan Qaboos University provided information on the rapidly evolved department. It has two bachelor degree programs; namely, Information Institutions Management and Archive Management.

Dr. Al Saqri focused on the importance of exchanging experiences between the National Archives and Sultan Qaboos University and enhancing collaboration with the National Archives. This is to be achieved in the form of training the department’s students as well as holding workshops delivered by the Archives and Emirates Library experts to Sultan Qaboos University students.

Dr. Al Saqri considered the National Archives a role model in safeguarding the history and heritage of Arabian Gulf states. At the end of the visit, Dr. Al Saqri praised the role played by the National Archives to preserve the memory of the nation and protect it against all detrimental factors including damage, negligence, or leakage.