Customer Service Charter

The National Archive provides outstanding and quality services in order to exceed expectations and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

NA's commitment to customers

  • Respect and appreciation.
  • Fair and excellent service.
  • Provide a prompt, courteous and knowledgeable response to all your enquiries.
  • Equip our staff to provide you with an excellent standard of service.
  • Provide customers and staff with clear standards and expectations.
  • Seek to provide a seamless service for customers.
  • Ensure all customer contact reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Abide by approved procedures while maintaining quality and consistency when responding to requests and enquiries.
  • Customers’ feedback, suggestions and complaints are always welcomed.

In order to provide outstanding services, customers are kindly requested to,

  • Appreciate the efforts of NA employees and treat them with mutual respect.
  • Fill out necessary request forms for the required services accurately.
  • Provide identification documents, and authorization required to process the service request.
  • Provide accurate contact details and information.
  • answer the Customer Service Team’s questions with transparency.
  • provide honest feedback regarding our services in order to improve them (through filling out surveys)